Locked Cities? Read Here

Hello mobsters! The Godfather began a process of changing city unlock requirements back in mid 2013 to unlock in sequential order. To unlock any city, you first need to complete 25 job tiers in the previous city. This unlocking sequence has been in place, gamewide, for a few months. Until yesterday, any mobster account that exceeded a certain age was exempt from these new city unlocking requirements. Now, this final change places all players in the game under the same unlock requirements. This progression ensures that all players have the same level of access to cities as they progress through the game.

If you have cities that are now locked, please check your job tier progress to make sure you meet the city unlock requirements.  To view the unlock requirements for each city, visit the help page (https://apps.facebook.com/mobwars/about/help.php) and scroll down to “Unlocking New Cities”.

All progress you have already done in these cities (jobs, bosses, properties, etc) is saved and will appear normally once you unlock the city again. Your city properties are still earning you income and adding to your bounty price.

If you have any questions or concerns, send the Godfather a message at mobwars.support@metamoki.com.

City Unlock Requirement
New York none
Chicago Complete 25 JOB TIERS in New York
London Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Chicago
Vegas Complete 25 JOB TIERS in London
Moscow Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Vegas
Dubai Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Moscow
Shanghai Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Dubai
Tokyo Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Shanghai
Medellin Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Tokyo
Los Angeles Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Medellin
DC Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Los Angeles
Rio Complete 25 JOB TIERS in DC
Palermo Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Rio
Amsterdam Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Palermo
Mexico City Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Amsterdam
Boston Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Mexico City
Paris Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Boston
Baltimore Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Paris

7 responses to “Locked Cities? Read Here

  1. Come on we bought some buidings in bigger cities regarding our income,now we can only buy when we unlock the next one ???? What a scam i realy don’t like it & some groups don’t as well.Hope you’re not expecting people to spend money.I’m playing the game for many years but not often now i’m back in force daily player,already spent $$ in the past but the way it’s going on might keep me from playing again for a couple years… it’d take ages to make some cash & buy properties.Come on guys the old time’s gone !!!!

  2. Certainly do not like the sudden Lock out of the cities….but the tier button change really isn’t good. Definately a step backwards. Do like that there is new content but it should follow along with whats currently happening not flip it on its head.

  3. wtf have you done to mob wars,

    I’ve just had a nose around my account over 2 days as i though perhaps you had game issues yesterday so returned today to see its still the same and looking for answers i stumble upon this post.

    Me, I’ve gone from 17-18 cities to 5, You’ve set it out now i’ve got to go back as far as New York, Chicago to open up places like London etc, I mean wtf I’ve been playing this game for over 5 yrs and have been going to a from bits and bobs in different cities at my leisure doing what i could as there were literally thousands of different jobs to complete and I had done all to certain levels i could at the pace of which i play this game. As I’m not a botter and race through like i see players trying to chain me that are are 200 day accounts against my 2300 day account same level as ive achieved over 5 yrs + they’ve done in 60-100 days OK!!!!, Which makes me laugh you wanna mess with this game, mess with things that catch all the bloody cheats in it.

    But now you have left this game broken for me, I am stuck in between what cities with items missing, Rio TEARGAS ,i can no longer obtain to open the next, as the job for me to obtain the item is no longer an option, thus rendering my job account useless, as the cities from 6 years ago are now my only options and will not provide the Teargas

    I already had a period a while back when you released all this mass of stuff on us where it pissed me off and i didn’t play it, now you want to reign it all in 2 years after you released it all in a massive dump on us and we’ve all got used to it.

    Now I don’t have access to literally nothing!!!

    This is game deletion material for me I will await a response and a few days a week,to see if its reverted, if i don’t get the access back to all i did previously then i will delete Mobwars from my FB account, as Im sure will many other 2000+ day accounts that are in the same situation as me, a broken game

    , I already did mousehunt a year ago as they did what you did MESSED ABOUT TO MUCH WITH GAME THATS MENT TO BE A BIT OF FUN dont miss it

    I won’t need to leave a account link, MTB777 is me MobWars nick and the email tagged to the post is my FB email, so Dev will know who I am.

    • Wow Mike great reply,i’m playing once in a while since 5 years also & had access whereever i need to go to run my game the way i like it.All my savings $$ were set to buy new properties in the other cities,now i have to deal with the cheap ones in the the 1rst 3 cities Agrrr not fun at all.I agree 100% your post.I won’t copy it.Devs please !!!!!

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