Update: Stockpile Sorting

Attention Mobsters! The Godfather has reintroduced Stockpile Sorting, available only for your “Special” items category. To sort by item type, click on the dropdown arrow next to “Item” at the top of the list. Similarly, you can sort all of your items by attack and defense stats. The sorting for item stats will “remember” which item type you were last looking at. So if you want to see your best offensive weapon items for example, choose “Weapon” first, then choose to sort by Attack and only your Weapon items will be ranked by attack damage.

If you have a very large collection of items it may take a few seconds to sort, so please be patient before clicking the sort button again! For further discussion and feedback, please click here to visit the forums.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.12.10 PM

One response to “Update: Stockpile Sorting

  1. This is a suggestion….. Can mob wars add the total amount of weapons used when you attack someone? Right now it shows how many items you are using but it doesn’t add everything up for you. This hurts those with large mobs and I really don’t want to buy unnecessary items.

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