New: Mobster Mission!

Hello Mobsters –

The Godfather has launched a new feature today called a “Mobster Mission.” For these missions, you will be given a goal to achieve within a certain period of time. If you hit the goal, you will earn rewards!  The goal target will be different for every player, and can be based on different factors.

This is a new area of interest for the Godfather, so if you have any feedback on the Mobster Mission idea please let us know. More creative goals and cooler rewards will be in the future if all you Don’s decide it could be a good venture. Thanks!

2 responses to “New: Mobster Mission!

  1. Okay, I completed the mission and got the 15SP. Then it went into a bonus round, offering another 15SP for additional stamina use. I fought, used the stamina, and never got the bonus award. The mission just disappeared. What gives?

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