Booster Weekend: Job XP

The Godfather has activated the weekend booster for Job XP! Every job you do, in any city, will now pay out more XP. Booster ends on Monday, so do your jobs while you can!

2 responses to “Booster Weekend: Job XP

  1. can anyone explain to me how MW chooses which of the weapons you have when you attach and when someone attacks you?
    I understand arming and also each has attack and defense. what I don’t understand is how MW decides which ones I should use out of the many I have

  2. What I would like to see maybe once or twice a year, give us unlimited times to accept the requests based on what is in our inventory. Be able to clear all of our requests at once based on what we have at the time you decide to do this. Once it is all cleared then members can still send us stuff but it cant be used until the next day, then it goes back to what it is now. ex,10 energy every 6- hrs. Just an idea.

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