Update: Strength Indicators and New Hired Guns!

Attention mobsters: Today the Godfather has released updates that will give you greater visibility and control over your Attack and Defense stats! The biggest change is the ability to acquire more Hired Gun slots than ever before. Your maximum mob size can now be increased by 3 hired guns every time you level up any city.  As city unlocks occur over time, this will allow new opportunities to increase your maximum mob size! Seen below is a screenshot of what that looks like in your city.

The next important addition is on your Stockpile page. Next to your total upkeep you can now see your “Base Attack” and “Base Defense” stats.  So what do these numbers mean? Your base attack and defense scores are a result of the combination of the items you own plus the skill points you have assigned to your mobster. These are the numbers that determine how effective you are against other players. To see how much base power your equipped items or allocated stats affect you, try playing around with your items and then refreshing the page (refresh will update your stats).


Finally, the My Mob page now includes some additional info about your mob size. This should help make it more clear for newer players (or those who just weren’t sure) how your mob size is counted and how you can grow it.


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