Family Updates

Attention Mobsters! The Godfather has just released some updates for Families (and some other things…). The first thing you may notice is that families now have their own permanent spot in the Nav Bar, like so:

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.36.21 PM

This will give you and your family faster access to the things that are important for you. We also cut the “Targets” and “Challengers” pages and incorporated both of those into the “Wars” page. If you are a Family Boss or Underboss, check it out! The Top Families pop-up is also no longer a pop-up. Instead, it will direct you to a new Top Families page that can list all 200 Top Families at one time. More updates will come to the Top Families page in the future, so stay tuned for that!

Some more family functionality has also been restored as well, but we will be monitoring it before announcing the full list of changes there… The Godfather is flying under the radar on that update for the time being.

To read more about this update and lend your voice to the discussion, please click here to visit the forums!



2 responses to “Family Updates

  1. Concerning the family rankings , we should be able to see top 200 families,now all we can see is top 50 , as a leader I use that list for many reasons when doing group work , would be good to see all top 200 families again ,please

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