Force Attack Options

The Godfather is considering giving players the ability to toggle Force Attacking on/off. To learn more and lend your voice to the conversation, click here to visit us in the forums!

One response to “Force Attack Options

  1. I find this quite an odd thing to suggest because as far as I can see the only way at the moment to use an attack with force without using a script or a bot is off the fight list, even if you click on the family link and then click attack player,it takes you to that players profile and even then doesnt give the option for forced attack. If you really want to make this game fair between bot users and none bot users then maybe consider intruding force attack to all players when they click on a players profile, via the attack tab in the same way as it does when you go on the fight list. as this then gives all players the ability to use force regardless of wheather they use a bot or not. it would then be possible for you to introduce the disable force attack tab, if that is the way this game is heading (personally i dont like the idea). I also think it would be a good idea to introduce force attack on the hitlist to enable lower level players a better chance of actually getting a bounty and to make the hitlist more user friendly to lower levels maybe have a traffic light system, ie. green would have levels 1 to 15k, amber would be from level 15001 to 45k and red would be bounties on levels 45001 to infinity. with maybe a 2-3 minute gap from when a player appears on the hitlist before they become available to all ranges. this would give lower level players a chance to collect bounties that are in there range, without the risk of accidently attacking a player much higher than them and opening a window to a bully who then shuts down that players game for up to 8 hours. I also agree with the idea of actually making the game so that attack heavy no defence players run the risk of dying more often if defence is very low as this would encourage players to have a more balanced attack and defence and would mean that weapons, vehicles and armor would play a bigger part in a players set up and encourage players to buy sp to purchase these items or to at least save them up for those leveling because as i see this at the moment if you have very strong attack it really doesnt matter what weapons,vehiclesor armor you have and this makes it unfair in my opinion for those buying skill points to purchase these items. This is just my pennies worth please do not abuse me for speaking out lol. D4rkD3str0y3r.

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