Mobster Mission

The Godfather has activated a Mobster Mission! Hit the Stamina target goal before time runs out and earn 15 free Skill Points.  Once you hit the goal, you have 12 hours to collect your reward. Let us know what you think about Mobster Missions by posting a reply or by sending us feedback at Thanks!


Property Selling

Good news mobsters! The Godfather has added back the ability to sell your properties! Just visit your City page and look for the Sell button to the right of each property. Selling your properties works just like selling your stockpile items.


What’s in a name?

The Godfather has added back to option to change your mobster name! Just go to your profile page and select “Change Name” from the dropdown menu to the right. Just as before, a name change will run you 10 FP.

Note: If you are a new player, your first name change is free!


PS – Name changes will now accept special characters, such as “♕” or “☠” or “♡” or whatever else you want!

Note: The ability to use special characters has now been restricted to letters and numbers. Sorry!