Unscheduled Downtime 3/17/15 (RESOLVED)

Attention mobsters! While running some updates behind the scenes, the Godfather hit an unexpected issue and had to take the game offline.  You will likely notice connectivity problems and white pages until this issue is resolved. We are working to restore full game access as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Stay tuned here for updates on the status of this issue.

UPDATE: Mob Wars should now be returning to normal and coming back online.  If you have ANY issues with your account, please let us know at support@metamoki.com.

Scheduled Downtime

Attention Mobsters! The Godfather has some important business to attend to tonight. He will be taking the game offline for 5 – 10 minutes so that there are no…witnesses. This few minutes downtime is scheduled to occur sometime between 8PM and 10PM PST.

If you have any trouble loading the game during those hours, just wait a few minutes and Mob Wars should be back in action. Thanks!