Medellin City Levels Unlocked!

Attention mobsters – The Godfather has unlocked city levels for Medellin! Level up Medellin now for new Pawn Shop cards, Achievements, and Hired Gun slots! However be warned: Medellin energy requirements are high.

If you have any feedback for the Godfather regarding Medellin, please let him know at

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“Attack Cow” account restrictions

Attention Mobsters –
You may remember that a while back many accounts were being built that prioritized placing all skill points into the energy stat.  This resulted in accounts that could bankroll any war without posing any risk to the players who controlled those accounts.  To combat these accounts, the Godfather had to put limits on how much energy could be earned by any account whose stats met certain standards.

Recently, it has come to the attention of the Godfather that a new type of account has been proliferating throughout Mob Wars that prioritizes skill points heavily into attack.  These accounts are often referred to as “attack cow” accounts. Like cash cow accounts, attack cow accounts give an unfair amount of power to players who control them while at the same time posing no risk to the controlling player.

The Godfather does not wish to dictate how any real player builds their account. However, to discourage the proliferation of fake accounts that do not contribute to the game or to the community, the Godfather has had put an attack dampener on accounts who do not meet certain standards.

If you see a “Your are low on defense!” warning on your profile page, you will need to add skill points to your defensive stat in order to attack at full strength. This was designed to only impact a small fraction of players and may change over time, depending on your feedback.

If you have any feedback or questions for the Godfather regarding this change, please let him know at

Scheduled Downtime: 4 / 9 / 15

Attention Mobsters! In order to provide essential maintenance on Mob Wars, the Godfather will be taking the game down for some behind-the-scenes work on April 9th at 10PM PST. We expect this downtime to last up to 45 minutes. We apologize for this and other recent incidents of interrupted gameplay.

The Godfather appreciates your patience during this time.  If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at Thank you!