Minor Updates: Quick Messaging / Name Changes

Hello Mobsters – Today we released two changes that you may have already noticed: “Quick messaging” on the news feed and stricter limits on the Change Name feature.

Quick Messaging –
If you hover your mouse over any news feed event (new news feed only) that involves another Mob Wars player, you will see a little envelope icon appear on the right. If you click that, it will bring up the send message dialog box that you are familiar with. We added this because it was super annoying to send messages before (you had to refresh pages and click around a lot more). This may also set us up for custom messages in the future, but that is tbd.

Name Change Limits –

Name changes are now limited to one per 30 days per user. Hopefully this will help reduce instances of players changing their name simply to confuse or troll other players.

If you have any thoughts about these changes or notice any problems, please let us know!

Discuss in our forums!: http://forums.metamoki.com/showthread.php?29448-Minor-Updates-Names-and-Messaging

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