Facebook Issues 9/28/14

Hey everyone – You all probably noticed that Facebook went down earlier today platform wide. These outages are usually resolved by Facebook within minutes, so we just sat tight. However, it now looks like Facebook is back up but there are still some issues they are working though.

Mob Wars should be 100% fine once Facebook sorts out this issue. You can keep track of their progress here: https://developers.facebook.com/stat…2802420085278/

One response to “Facebook Issues 9/28/14

  1. Hello Mob Wars Support. Our Mafia Wars game will be closing on June 6, 2016. We have a family of 21 people and our family Godfather and I are trying to find a new game for our family to play in together. We have noticed on trying to help each other on our Facebook posts that when we hit your game posts; it takes us to your game but to post the outcome of what happened when we hit the post; we have to copy the answer in your game then arrow back to Facebook on their wall and scroll down on the Facebook wall and try to find the post then paste the outcome of what the action was when we hit the post. Does your company have any way of correcting that problem? I hope so; because your game is okay but we are not going to spend lots of time just hitting your game posts on Facebook. Please message me back regarding this problem. Thank you! Sincerely, Donna Free/Fearless Free

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