Welcome new Mobsters

The Godfather is saddened to learn that his associates are shutting down their family business.  For any Made Men and guns for hire that are looking to join a new operation, Mob Wars looks forward to meeting you.

To get introduced, please visit our forums and ask questions:


6 responses to “Welcome new Mobsters

  1. Just joined the Mob Wars Family from MW yesterday. I WAS a level 6500+ veteran of that game. Hard to start over but here we go.

  2. ok .. I will try this…but you guys screw me over again by shutting down and this will be the last game I try….no more of my money will you get. Got it!!!

  3. guys I really struggle with Mob Wars:Chicago is level 1. Finish all Tiers to level up this city.( To NY).easy? not at all.it takes so long because it needs a lot of energy. Its irritating ( although New York jobs in MW game was top irritation, you remember?)

    second impression: Y really need to refresh y page evry time to see the scores,the level,the jobs.Disturbing guys.Just finding y basic information is so time consuming,i donot see the logic, f.e. to find the page to increase your Health, Energy, Attack, Stamina, Defence .(in Boss under wars y find some s.w.a.t. items , see pic).
    In Mob Wars LCN y get a warning signal, here nothing.Or did I miss something guys.

    Next point:main concern is to find more friends for y MOB,I told y before the Invite code does not really work,( see pic) maybe the suggestion we got from one of our friends can help( change a capital letter now and then…).

    then:join a Syndicate, not easy at all, 2 times I was already in their memberlist but nothing happened.I got no confirmation or annulation,at least I could not find a conversation click.So I created my own FUN Syndicate CA2
    next time more observations, and you guys?

  4. The veteran players aren’t welcoming new players. We are being bullied and talked badly about so hitlist me all you want because I don’t care. I only go in the game to help fellow newbies. At least the players I was associated with in the game that’s now closed had honor & respect for the majority of players and we went out of our way to help newbies. Many dollars could have been spent here but will not be wasted. The game bores me to tears anyway.

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