Monday Update 6/27

Hello mobsters – This week brings a new Heist and a new set of premium items. 

August 25th, 2012 @ 06:04:36

Mountain Villa drops:

Climbing Gear: 37 / 49

MP Transport: 55 / 41

AMD 65: 62 / 50

Premium Items:

Mag 58: 100 / 81

Blue Boss: 89 / 91

Sentinel: 79 / 102

5 responses to “Monday Update 6/27

  1. why dont you fix the game and make it when a person gets rigged and die’s they cant attack the person that rigged them for about 8 hours or so would make the trolling and blacklisting not as bad and seem’s only fair this way they cant just keep hit listing you over and over for no reason

  2. I am a former mafia Wars Player, and have been playing Mob Wars for 113 days. My suggestion, which has been discussed at length by other players, is the hope that you guys will make some game changes that will enhance the playing experience and make it more fun. Like myself we have made monetary investments in the game, and implementing bonus days for Favor Points, as well as items and smarter graphics would improve our playing experience. Thank for for your time and consideration of this suggestion.

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