New Raid: The Cleaners

Hello Mobsters –
The Godfather has just released a new Raid Event: The Cleaners!
This event will end on September 3rd at 12PM, so get your raids started before it’s over!












These guys are tough, but can be taken down if you have an active raid group.  There are some important changes from the last raid boss:

  • No more group death. Your group HP can reach 0 without your raid ending
  • The more damage your group takes, the less effective your attacks. Stay healed!
  • Group Chat added
  • Better overall drop items

Feedback? Questions? [Click Here] to visit the forums for more info and discussion about Raids.

Bug: Heist Wall Posts

Hello mobsters – For the past 2 days, heist help wall post links have not been redirecting correctly.  We have made no changes to how heists work, so we are currently in contact with Facebook to work towards resolving this bug!

We thank you for your patience as this is investigated.  For updates and discussion on how to temporarily solve this issue, please [click here] to visit our forums.

New Feature: Raids (Beta)!

Hello Mobsters – Raids are now available for you to try out! Raids are a new, limited time feature that let you fight against a super-powerful boss.  You will need a team of your friends to help out, as these bosses are too big to take out alone!

You can start your Raid Boss by going to your Fight tab and selecting “Raids (Beta)” from the dropdown menu.  You will then see something that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.56.03 PM

You will need to collect those tokens by doing ANY job in the city associated with each token. So, for example, each time you do the “Mugging” job in New York, there is a chance you will earn the NY Token that you need for your raid.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of collecting tokens, you can always join a friends raid or look for any available public raid that is currently open!

Once your Raid is launched, you will see your main raids page which looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.56.56 PM copy

There is a lot to cover in that image! To see a piece by piece breakdown of what each part of this page does, [click here] to read this development feedback post in the forums.

The more damage you do to your Raid Boss, the more crates you will earn when he is taken down! The boss will fight back though, so make sure you keep your group healed so that you aren’t all wiped out.

There’s a lot to Raids that we can’t fit in this blog post, so please [click here] to head over to the forums and read the latest FAQ on this feature and leave your feedback!

NY City Levels Increased

Hello mobsters – Today the Godfather increased the max city level in NY to level 15! This means you can now upgrade NY past level 10 in order to earn more pawn shop cards, Hired Gun slots, and the level 15 city achievement.

As with previous city levels, you must max out and complete all 12 job tiers for each job in the city before you are able to level up.

The Godfather does have some notes on this update:

  • So why stop at level 15? The energy cost to do jobs increases very quickly with each new level. The amount of energy required to get to 15 will be tough to collect, even for high level players.
  • Why is only NY increasing? Other city level limits may increase in the future, but we wanted to limit just to NY for this update to gauge your feedback.
  • Instead of giving one small achievement payout per city level, there is only ONE new achievement associated with these new levels! You will earn it when you complete all the level 15 job tiers.

Thoughts? Concerns? Just wanna say Hi? Visit our forums for discussion on this update.