NY City Levels Increased

Hello mobsters – Today the Godfather increased the max city level in NY to level 15! This means you can now upgrade NY past level 10 in order to earn more pawn shop cards, Hired Gun slots, and the level 15 city achievement.

As with previous city levels, you must max out and complete all 12 job tiers for each job in the city before you are able to level up.

The Godfather does have some notes on this update:

  • So why stop at level 15? The energy cost to do jobs increases very quickly with each new level. The amount of energy required to get to 15 will be tough to collect, even for high level players.
  • Why is only NY increasing? Other city level limits may increase in the future, but we wanted to limit just to NY for this update to gauge your feedback.
  • Instead of giving one small achievement payout per city level, there is only ONE new achievement associated with these new levels! You will earn it when you complete all the level 15 job tiers.

Thoughts? Concerns? Just wanna say Hi? Visit our forums for discussion on this update.

8 responses to “NY City Levels Increased

  1. Mobsta dc2bd4 here..
    I’m not that high on the levels yet and be a while before I’ll be going over level 10.
    But there’s no buzz from collect weapons, say 10 rocket launchers @ 26 attack and 18 defence or 5 armoured vans @ 33 & 29. As they are no use I think the strength of the weapons should increase as an insensitive. As with the cash and the weapons when you complete the Rackets which only really make a difference when you first start at low levels.
    Regards Tony f mazone

  2. 30 million energy to go from level 10 to level 15. At my level the weapons received are playtoys, I stopped using them 120,000 levels ago. Hired guns are cool, need more.

  3. Is it a glitch that the first job, “Mugging” on level 15 uses such a tiny amount of energy for each tier or is that a reward for getting to that level?

  4. Been a daily Mob Wars player for several years now. Not really impressed that you moved it to Level 15. The weapons, cards and skill points aren’t really worth it. In other words, I really don’t see that the juice is worth the squeeze. Maybe if you increased the Favor Points earned so that one can go get the higher level weapons to make their mob stronger. Then that might be worth it.

  5. We need new cities not a re hash of the old!! The game is going stale and becoming boring. We need new weapons, Armor vehicles etc, I see no point at all in wasting all that energy on New Yorkt o get weapons etc that are of no use. Please breathe some new life and challenges in to the game…..I am seriously thinking of not playing the same old same old!

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