New Raid: Yakuza + Critical Hit

Hello Mobsters –
The Godfather has released a new raid: Yakuza! This raid is similar to past raids in most ways, with one major difference! This raid has a new “Critical Hit” damage boost.   Each time you reach your damage goal, you will now earn a crate AND the raid boss will take a huge extra chunk of damage.


The purpose of this extra damage is to help give lower level players a chance to contribute more to the overall fight.  Hitting your damage goal earns you a crate and it helps out your raid group, even if you are not dealing much regular damage with your normal attack!

If you have any feedback, questions, or notice any bugs with this new addition to raids, please [Click Here] to visit the forums and leave a comment. Thank you!

New Raid: Narcos

The Godfather has released a new raid: Narcos! These kingpins have muscled in and are stealing business from the Godfather, earning them cash and influence.  Get your crew together to take out the Narcos to earn powerful new items!

As with previous raids, you can invite up to 10 mobsters to help you take out the raid boss. For updates and questions about raids, please [Click Here] for more info.