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  1. I play this game since three years ago, and the changes in the last few month make this game down. Take a look at the active users- they are going down and down. The devs make a lot of changes, but not for the users. No new citys, no new jobs, nothing. And nothing interesting to mak this game fair, no sancts. agains the big botusers- daily players now, which familys i mean….

    • i totally agree. i’m playing for three years too but now i have to think if i stay with mob wars. i loved it because of the clean style and its user friendliness. now it looks likes mafia wars which i quit because of it becoming too chaotic and cluttered. the same is happening to mob wars now. it has become a hassle to play ~_~*

  2. Love the new city, excited to see and test the new format! There are a few bugs, but every software has them, hence updates are so active. I also know that updates are being put into place to square the game off! All in all things ARE moving forward, a little patience and things will be spot on!!

    See you on the front line peeps!

  3. I keep trying to attack the US Senator during the Boss Fight but I have to click it at least three dozen times before the attack goes through. How can this be remedied?

  4. I am getting an error message when I try to attack my Lvl 11 LA boss Fallimento:
    You must be a member of this Boss Battle to Attack! it is my own Boss Battle

  5. Hey, i got a few things for u to fix 😉
    I cant go to DC on my iphone, very annoying and when i bossfight it would be preferable if u could heal there instead of going to mainscreen all the time..
    In the new interface on the computer u cant see how much 100 properties cost… It dosent ad the price up.
    And one last thing i’ve been thinking about.. U began at a time to give out free favorpoints every lvl, isnt it unfair that the old players did get for the lvls they allready completed?
    Anyway, like the game, but u could make a few new improvements, concidering single player game 🙂

  6. just wondering if anyone know hoe long it take to my energy and stamina to refill i have 300 energy and 61 stamina

  7. Hi Bob,
    Please help me with this glitch on MobWars. I just achieved this

    7 minutes ago:
    You have just earned the Brawler IX Achievement and have been rewarded with 100 Skill Points. See All of Your Achievements. [delete]

    However, I did not get the skill points!!
    You have 0 skill points. Use them to upgrade your attributes below.

    This is my link: https://apps.facebook.com/mobwars/profile/?user_id=585399227


  8. HI BOB,

  9. Hi there Mob Wars Admin.
    for the last several days, my Favor Points have not been advancing. At level 1102 it said that I would get more at 1103. Well, it skipped over 1103 and went right to 1104. I am now at 1107 and have had no Favor Points since 1102, so I’m owed 5. Please help. Thanks, Ed

  10. I just recently started this game on my phone and I have to say that it is unfortunately very buggy. I can’t add anyone to my mob, it keeps telling me to name my boss when I already have – like three times now – and it made me re-do the tutorial even though I’m above level 20. I really hope these bugs get fixed, I was having fun playing 😦

  11. I am unable to use any of the city heists in the jobs tabs the buttons are unresponsive. I also have numerous unresponsive buttons throughout the game???

  12. I have lost most of my mob members in my gifting drop down. Does anyone have a suggestion in how to get them back? All my members still appear in my members page.

  13. Hi,
    I have a question:
    Can you make a “Heal” button in the screen when you’re attacking in “boss fight”?
    I’m talking about the mobile version for android…


  14. I don’t understand how a family is ranked? #1 or #2……can the devs show how the team ranking system works? Kills, wins, wars won? there is families that rank higher then other families with a lot less wins, kills, etc…..can we look at a system that doesn’t dictate player size or level……just a thought

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